How I built my Expansion Chamber


Making it Fit.

So after choosing the final design I then had to decide how the pipe was going to fit on the bike.
Now as my bike is for Drag racing only I don't have to worry too much about .Well I have less to worry about than a Street/Race bike.
To get some idea of the angles that the various cones will be need to be bent through I used what I will called a "Formable pattern"
You can read how to make one here...

By using the Formable Pattern, and drawing out  the header pipes on graph paper. I was able to find that I needed to bend the first header cone thru' 140 Degrees. The next cone needed to be bent thru' 33 Degrees. I then used MOTA to print out the cones pieces and then cut the paper printouts  up and taped them together. This is a good way to prove your pipe will fit.
                                           So how do you bend a cone?

Click here to find out.

How To Bend A Cone.