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Ora et Labora



Lets have another look at this picture.
You can see the new pivot points and how the struts" in blue" fitted the old shock pivot mounts.
It may look a bit dodgy but if you have every seen how badly welded and how badly misaligned the original RD400 frames where. Well at least I know that my wheels are all parallel and straight.
The foot pegs and brakes from the TZR are now fitted as per the pic.

Other Bits that I made for the Frame.

I ended up using just one front disc to save a bit off weight. The front brake caliper is a 4 piston setup from some unknown parentage. They were even lighter than the TZR brakes so I used them. You can see a small ali' bracket that had to be made to space the caliper out a bit and line up the mounting holes.

The alignment between the between the front and rear sprockets is now checked and we had to make an offset front sprocket. This was made by welding two sprockets together and turning off the teeth from the rear one. It needed 12mm of offset. I would most likely get a "professional" to make my next offset sprocket as the RD ones are hardened and a real bugger to turn.

Here you can also see the shift cylinder. It is a MRE electric over air gear shifter.
The bottle and switching valve are mounted on the top of the frame. Basically the bottle is just held in place with cable ties. Later I made up a clamp, from some ali, to hold it.

The TZR steering stem just need a spacer made up to help it fit the RD400 steering head, But as I cannot use clip on handle bars I had to make a new triple clamp that would fit the forks but also have handle bar clamps.
I made them out of 6061 T6 ali and leant a lot about using a manual milling machine. The handle bar clamps are fitted facing down because once fitted we found that the front brake line was to short. So we turned them around .They look better that way I think.