Rebuilding the Crank ...Part 2

So now you must have both the outer halves of you crank pressed together. Now I press these together.
But where do you press on the crank so that you don't squash the crank

I solved that problem by placing two steel plates between the crank webs. That way they cannot be squashed together. See it anit rocket science this crank building stuff
In the pic's below you can see that I only have one plate in place between the top set of webs. Remember to fit a plate between the lower webs as well.
Then I placed a thick-walled tube over the end of the crank so that I can put all the press force onto the web itself and not the end of the shaft.
Place the lower web assembly onto the press bed ,use the web assembly with the larger shaft diameter, then slide onto that shaft first your new center bearing then the labyrinth seal and lastly your other new center bearing.

Now place the splines of the web assembly into the internal splines of the bottom web assembly. You will see that you can use the splines to align the webs at 180 degrees to each other.
This is where you could "Twinkle" your RD if you wanted to...look it up on the Internet and you will understand what I mean.
All we need to do now is to start pressing the top web assembly down into the lower one. You should keep pressing down until the whole assembly measures 154mm between the outside faces of  the two outside webs.
You can see where to check this on the dimensions chart later in this article.
Keep checking that the center bearings and labyrinth seal still move on the shaft and are not crushed hard up together. This shouldn't happen if you maintained the correct dimension across the individual web assembles when you pressed them together. That's why we put those spacer blocks in-between the webs .
Check out the other picture showing you those dimensions.

So you should now have your crank fully assembledů..well done we are nearly finished.

The last but most important this to do is check and fix any misalignment. This can take some time and is most likely where all that money you were charged went.